What is Kriya Yoga ?

Mahavatar Babaji
The founder of Kriya Yoga

 Kriya yoga is the greatest gift of Lord Krishna to the modern man and mankind in general. Surrounded by family, social and political responsibilities throughout his life, he surmounted all obstacles on his way of spiritual evolution and infused new hope in the heart of the hopeless Man. He initiated mankind in the Holy Science of Kriya Yoga through Arjuna from the battlefield of Kuruksetra, the symbolic of    human heart caught in constant conflict of inferior and superior tendencies, worldly and spiritual inclinations which overpower man and deprive him of his all-satisfying spiritual glory. Kriya Yoga also known as Raja Yoga was practiced by the royal sages or spiritually inclined kings of the ancient India. Overburdened with stately duties, they never neglected the highest duties of human life i.e. spiritual evolution. Their lives too were invaded by many challenges but they never gave in to stress and anxiety and dri... Read More

How Kriya Yoga frees Man From All Sufferings and Sorrows

Once upon a time, there was a man who was scared of his own shadow and foot-fall (the sound of his feet). He had made up his mind to get rid of these to fears. He thought of various ways and means but none worked out well. Finally, the method he hit upon was to run away from them. So the man got up and ran to be free from them. Unfortunately, the more he ran, the more he produced the sound of his foot-steps and his shadow followed him like the tail of an animal. When he failed to escape from them, he thought he was not running fast enough. So, he ran faster and faster without stopping until he fell unconscious. A wise man, who was watching the futile struggle and pitiable plight of the man from the mountain, came down to him. He shook him gently to help him gain cons... Read More

The Basket of Kriya Yoga Blessings

It's only those who practice meditations know the nutritional value of Kriya Yoga Meditation (KYM) for the mind and soul. Though it's very difficult to document all health benefits of meditation here, a few are quoted here to provide inspiration, a food for thoughts.

The regular practice of Kriya Yoga Meditation (KYM) bestows following blessings:

  • Medical reports suggest that the positive emotions and peace of mind (born of sound sleep or meditation) send body a message of life-affirmation (love for life and happiness) whereas negative emotions like fear, depression and unresolved conflicts send killing or life-negating messages. KYM unclutters your mind and keeps negativity and pessimism at bay which if allowed to persist over a period of time can impair immune system leaving a body and mind vulnerable to various diseases
  • KYM normalizes and stabilizes blood-pressure, pulse- rate, the early messengers of the heart strokes and paralysis.
  • KYM boosts immune system and keeps body fortified against all physical and mental ailments.
  • KYM transforms brain-wave patterns, increases calmness and reduces bodily and mental restlessness and excitability
  • KYM eliminates toxins of the body, reduces anxiety, stress and mental distractions. Read More

About Vijay 'Krishna'


My spiritual journey began years back with the regular reading of Hanuman Chalisa, a long forty-line verse dedicated to glorify deity. I was inclined towards Lord Hanuman, as he is believed to ward off evil spirits and ghosts. Obviously He was the first choice for a child who suffered from nagging fears of a ghost who was believed to live in Pipal tree on his way to school. As I grew, my spiritual horizons expanded and it went on to incorporate the regular chanting of verses from Durg... Read More


The President of Kriya Yoga Mission India, an immensely popular teacher in a renowned school of the country, Mr. Vijay Bahadur Singh, pen name Vijay ‘Krishna’ is an outstanding exponent of The Bhagavad Gita and Kriya Yoga. Mr. Singh is an enthusiastic practitioner of  Kriya Yoga Meditation and conducts Kriya Yoga Meditation retreats and workshops for willing individuals and groups.  Success reinforces our thoughts and actions but failure forces a man to self-introsp... Read More

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First Kriya Initiation: The Delivery of Joy at Your Door-Step

 During my kriya initiation, I was taught six techniques which form the bedrock of kriya yoga. These are the best  techniques  of  the  hundreds  described  in  authentic books on yoga. Their regular practice yields indescribable physical, mental and spiritual benefits and unfolds the full potentiality of the human mind and soul. Their faithful, patient and regular practice will eventually open the doors of God’s kingdom. Regular practice of these te... Read More

The Principles and Techniques of Kriya Yoga

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Lectures and Workshops

Lectures and Workshops on Principles and Techniques of the following
  1. Acquiring Health, Wealth, Peace and Prosperity through Sub conscious Power
  2. Controlling Your Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Financial Destiny through Super conscious Power
  3. Correct Principles and Techniques of Affirmation, Visualization, Concentration and Meditation, Muscular and Mental Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Energization for all-Round Success
  4. The Secrets of Lasting Money Magnetism
  5. Anti-Success Aura Cleansing Workshop
  6. Anti-Prosperity Aura Cleansing Workshop
  7. Anti-Health Aura Cleansing Workshop
  8. Change the Quality of Personal, Professional life Through Kriya Yoga
  9. How to Develop Memory
  10. How to Develop Personality
  11. How to Develop Divine Personality
  12. How to Develop Transcendental Personality
  13. How to Develop Cosmic Personality
  14. How to Develop Spiritual Magnetism
  15. Discover Your Destiny
  16. Divine Healing Methods
  17. How to overcome Self-Destructive Habits
  18. How to Develop Sixth Sense
  19. Spiritual Laws of Success
  20. Secrets of Money Magnetism
  21. How to Awaken Kundalini
  22. The Art of Expanding Memory
  23. How to Discover Peace and Joy
  24. How to strengthen Power to Manifest Your Dreams
  25. Harmonize Physical, Mental and Spiritual Methos to optimize Healing Power

Books By Vijay 'Krishna'

    Vijay Krishna Writing
    Vijay Krishna Writing
    Vijay Krishna Writing
    Vijay Krishna Writing
    Vijay Krishna Writing
    Vijay Krishna Writing
    Vijay Krishna Writing
    Vijay Krishna Writing
    Vijay Krishna Writing
    Vijay Krishna Writing
    Vijay Krishna Writing


I am so inspired and excited to continue on this glorious path, even with some obstacles..   After such a peaceful, relaxed and meditative week it was a rather tumultuous re-entry into my ‘noisy’ life, I have to confess to feeling a little overwhelmed at first as many little ones vied for attention and I genuinely (and a little tearfully) wondered if it would be possible to find the space to continue the practice..   But as always divine energy is helping and I am back to 4 am rising and wonderful meditation time.. Long may it continue!

Yoegndra Kumar

What a blessing to have spent last week at the ashram and receive the 2 initiations and just absorb healing and restoring energy.  Even a magical snow storm.. Thank you for your never ending work in bringing this profound teaching and making it so accessible for those who wish to learn.   Not only did I deepen my own practice, but the glimpses of eternity that surfaced during some of those practices were deeply inspiring.  I am so grateful to you and your team at the ashram and beyond for your love and dedication, and enjoyed getting to know you a little on the various car journeys that we shared.   Many thanks for the early morning ride to Magog and for the Indian outpost excursion, my children were very happy with their presents..!    I am so inspired and excited to continue on this glorious path, even with some obstacles..   After such a peaceful, relaxed and meditative week it was a rather t...

Ashish Shukla