Accelerate Human Evolution through Kriya Yoga

In times to come, Christs will be in numbers like bunches of grapes on a vine. Then the play will be over and will pass out, as water in a kettle beginning to boil shows first one bubble, then another, then more and more, until all is in ebullition and passes out as steam. Buddha and Christ are the

two biggest bubbles the world has yet produced.

Swami Vivekanand

If four bowls of water are boiled at varying temperatures, they will evaporate at different rates. If a bowl of water heated at 25ºC takes one hour to evaporate completely, bowls heated at 50ºC, 75ºC and 100ºC will take 45 minutes, 30 minutes and 15 minutes, respectively. This example shows how the process of evaporation can be accelerated greatly by increasing the intensity of heat.

One of the greatest horticulturalists that American soil produced was Luther Burbank. Such was the greatness of this scientist that the Webster’s International Dictionary included his name “Burbank” to mean “to cross or graft.” It simply means to improve an object or individual by removing bad features. With his exceptional genius, he gifted the world hundreds of varieties of plants and vegetables. His astonishing

Accelerate Human Evolution through Kriya Yoga

experiments how walnut tree can be made to bear fruit in less than half of its normal,natural time.

Just as the growth of a plant can be accelerated, the evolution of animals too can be hastened by changing their hereditary and environmental conditions. Pets living with human beings show a greater level of understanding than wild ones.

Meditation promotes spiritual growth just as a balanced diet, supported by health supplements, ensures faster physical growth.

Nature evolves as per its own plan and pace. This speed can be enhanced by keeping one’s life in harmony with the

laws of nature and by increasing self-pace. The scriptures affirm that it takes more 10,00,000 years for a man to attain self-realization and transcend the limitations imposed by nature. Man remains a mere puppet in the hands of nature and drifts to and fro like a log of wood as long as he does not realize his innate divinity. Those who detest this slavery to nature, plan day and night to escape its torturing clutches.

The rate at which human beings evolve is very slow. It takes 12 years to effect even a slight change in the human brain structure. Indian yogic scriptures claim that man moves forward in his spiritual evolution in twelve-year cycles because that is the length of time Jupiter, the divine guide of all planets, requires to make a cycle of the zodiac. This cycle has an evolutionary effect on the human soul. Although man does not have any control over the speed of planets and stars and their effect on us, evolution can be speeded up by the practice of kriya yoga. Five minutes’ intense practice of kriya yoga brings about the same spiritual development as nature accomplishes in twelve years.

Awaken the Superman Within …

What did great incarnations and prophets like Christ, Mahavira and Buddha do? They took nature’s work in their hands and through extra effort, completed evolutionary processes that nature would have accomplished in a million years.

Kriya yoga is a great science of self-evolution. Its practice hastens evolution tremendously and unfolds the full potential of the soul, giving man complete control over all forces of nature. The earth is a school and man comes here to learn valuable life lessons and attain spiritual perfection. Kriya yoga offers a crash course in complete development and helps him realize his divine status on earth.

One-half minute of revolution of energy around the sensitive spinal cord of the man affects subtle progress in his evolution. Half minute of kriya equals one year of spiritual development.

– Autobiography of a Yogi