Attune to the Cosmic Source of Success through Kriya Yoga

 Although he had neither the build nor beauty nor intellectual ability, he managed to magnetize millions. What was the secret of his charisma? How did he manage it? In plain and simple words, it was nothing but spiritual magnetism, the all-attracting, inherent power of the soul. This is the story of “a beggar who blessed the world,” a monk whose entire philosophy can be encapsulated in just two words: faith and patience (shraddha and saburi). He is none other than our beloved Sai Baba, the Saint of Sirdi, Maharashtra. Thousands of people visited Sirdi to seek the blessings of Sai Baba and he would fulfill all the wishes of his true devotees, though he himself resorted to beggary for his survival.

How did Sai Baba perform miracles that boggle the mind of the greatest scientists? How did Buddha tame the ferocious animal in Angulimal without using any physical force? How did Lahiri Mahashay appear before his devotees living in various corners of the country? How did Raman Maharishi and Ramakrishna Paramhansa transform people by a mere glance or touch?
The secret of their success lies in their spiritual powers, the natural outcome of regular meditation. The regular practice of kriya yoga meditation transforms a man from a
Awaken the Superman Within …
mortal to a divine being and helps him attune to the cosmic source of abundance, the ultimate production house of mental and material wealth. The deeper one meditates, the more soul-awareness increases. The deeper one develops soul awareness, the more one realizes one’s divinity.
The deeper the self-realization of the man, the more he influences the whole universe by his subtle spiritual vibrations and the less he himself is affected by the phenomenal flux.
– Autobiography of a Yogi
Echo deeply in your heart and soul these words of Swami Sri Yukteshwar, who produced a spiritual hero like Paramhansa Yoganand. These words will pave a new path of prosperity and all-round well-being. The following steps explain how saints and yogis devoted to the practice of kriya yoga perform extraordinary tasks.
Upgradation: One of India’s greatest poets highlighted the importance of good company for upgrading the status of man by giving the following example in his verse:
“Always befriend bigger and better, You will grow day by day.
Riding on an elephant’s back, the little goat eats sweet fruits
And keeps the hunger at bay.”
One should always accompany those who are good and powerful enough to uplift and avoid those who impair and enervate.
Men are spiritual beings on the human journey. Man is a soul and has a body. As long as he identifies and befriends
the body, he is confined to its powers and limitations. The day
Attune to the Cosmic Source of Success through Kriya Yoga
he realizes himself as a soul, the image of God, he transcends all limitations of body and nature. Man can upgrade his status by soul-realization. The more he establishes his identification with the soul, the source of infinite power, the more he will exert control over the material world.
Attunement: One cannot expect to enjoy the royal honor of a President with the identity card of a peon dangling around one’s neck. Practical observations suggest, the higher the identity, the greater the power and respect. Great incarnations like Buddha, Mahavira, Christ and Krishna knew their divine status and were, therefore, able to bring desired change into others’ lives.
A man tunes in to different channels while surfing TV and receives songs and pictures floating in ether. It may sound like a miracle to an illiterate tribal person but not to an educated person with scientific knowledge. Those who practice meditation develop the power to tune in to the ultimate source of everything and can siphon off energy and objects in desired directions.
The practice of kriya yoga helps attune to the divinity within and reclaim lost divine status by removing all obstacles that impede the spiritual growth of a man.