Awaken the Full Potential of the Brain through Kriya Yoga

The human brain is a sophisticated, well-equipped and highly evolved complex machine. Its storage capacity is better than the supercomputers of our age. Its fastest and most complex functions baffle even the brightest neuroscientists. Their unique brain lends humans superiority over other creatures. Although I do not intend to discuss the anatomy of human brain here, I will mention a few facts that are relevant

to my context.

To understand how the brain works and develops, we need to know the roles of neurons and synapses. Neurons are cells of the nervous system that conduct nerve impulses. Synapses are special sites that bridge the gap between two neurons. They are like railway junctions that connect various railway terminals.

The human brain has about 100 million neurons and 1000 trillion synapses. This is similar to our cellphones, which beam electromagnetic radiation or signals to broadcast and receive signals from nearby antennas. When we look at something, try to recall something or think hard about something, countless neurons rapidly exchange information with each other inside the brain leading to an immense upsurge of countless activities like those of the waves on the

Awaken the Full Potential of the Brain through Kriya Yoga

surface of the ocean disturbed by an abrupt, powerful storm. The brainstorming literally causes a storm of electromagnetic radiation inside the brain. Different parts of the brain co-ordinate and communicate with each other through these brain waves which help us recall and make important decisions. Nowadays, we use Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI to measure the brain’s electromagnetic radiation.

Although neuroscientists have been investigating the human brain for a long time, to understand its functional mechanism to cure neural diseases, manipulate and develop it, neurons and electromagnetic properties have eluded all efforts.

Nature’s laws work without seeking man’s approval, appreciation and acknowledgment. Scientists only discover them to use for the betterment of mankind. Nature made the brain not only complex but a well-cared for organ. Recently, scientists discovered that 20 per cent of the total blood and oxygen circulated in the body goes to the brain.

Read further to discover how kriya yoga develops brainpower on the following scientific grounds:

Energization: According to proven scientific facts, our brain consumes 260 calories just to keep things in order, roughly equal to the amount of calories burnt in running 3 km. A rough estimate puts consumption at 10.8 calories every hour. This means 12.6 watts of power consumption every hour, enough to keep a small CFL burning all day.

The brilliance and intensity of light radiated by a bulb or CFL does not depend on the capacity (watt) of the bulb but on the voltage (amount of power) supplied to it. The bulbs in our homes give bright or dim light depending on the high or low voltage of power supply. We install voltage stabilizers where power fluctuations are frequent and fast. The human brain is
the dynamo of energy; life-energy flows from the brain to the nervous system through the spine to keep the body and sense and motor organs active and alert.

Kriya yoga withdraws energy from the muscles and the body and centralizes it in the brain, enlivening and nourishing each cell. It’s similar to supplying more power to the bulb of your brain to increase its brilliance and light.

Oxygenation: Pranayama has been popular in India since ancient times. It was adopted by teachers and students alike in ancient gurukul systems. Swami Dayanand Saraswati, a great Vedic scholar and social reformer of the nineteenth century, praises and prescribes pranayama to increase brain power. He talks about it in detail in his famous book, Satyartha Prakash (Light for Truth).

Pranayama techniques like kriya yoga supply the body and brain with oxygen and eliminate accumulated toxic carbon dioxide from the body. The human brain cannot survive for more than five minutes if it is deprived of oxygen. Obviously, good supply will strengthen and improve its power.

Circulation: I mentioned earlier in the chapter that 20 per

cent of all total blood and oxygen circulated in the body goes

to the brain. A faulty lifestyle hampers this flow. The practice

of kriya yoga, which includes the practice of some mudras (postures) like guru pranama and mahamudra, increases blood circulation towards the brain. Regular practice of these yogic techniques keeps the brain well-nourished with a proper supply of blood.

Concentration: Dr APJ Abdul Kalam shared the mechanism of a highly innovative toy, “Mindflex,” to showcase the role of neuroscience in developing machines controlled by the mind. Mindflex has a set of hoops and baskets and a small, light ball which can be lifted in the air using a set of

Awaken the Full Potential of the Brain through Kriya Yoga

fans under it. By controlling the flow of air, the ball can be made to go back and forth. The unique thing about this highly innovative toy is that its fans can be controlled by the power of concentration. Mindflex is fitted with an electromagnetic sensor headset attached to the user’s head. It measures the intensity of electromagnetic brain waves and the more one concentrates, the stronger they become. The electromagnetic sensor in the toy measures the brainwave and uses its intensity and power to control the fan.

The practice of kriya yoga meditation acts like a “magnifying glass.” Just as a magnifying glass converges the light of the sun to one point and multiplies its power, the practice of kriya yoga stills chaotic thoughts and helps to concentrate on one thought, resulting in greater brain power and electromagnetic radiations.