Change the Quality of Your Life Through Kriya Yoga Meditation

Suffering is an integral part of human life. Many try to avoid it, others try to bypass it, but none can escape it.


This universe is subject to the law of duality. Joy and sorrow, victory and defeat, success and failure, pleasure and pain, light and darkness are two sides of the same coin. Life is like a rose; if man wants it, he must accept it in totality, with both petals and thorns.

Once a friend asked me, “Why did the Pandavas suffer despite being righteous?”


I said, “The twelve years of exile and the one year spent ‘in disguise’ by the Pandavas could be considered a painful experience by many but it was meant to enrich and groom their personalities. All the trials and challenges we face in life give us better shape. A stone can never be reshaped into a beautiful statue of God until it undergoes the blows of a hammer. The trials add a plus-factor to our personality and give us an edge over others. When iron goes through the fire, it becomes steel, free from rust.”

God can be compared to a potter. When a potter makes a pitcher, he hits it from inside and outside to give it a beautiful shape. The two hands of the potter resemble the two aspects


Awaken the Superman Within …



of God: nature and spirit. Spirit is everlasting, ever-conscious


and ever-blissful. It is the beautiful, blissful and compassionate form of God. Nature or the physical universe is the mayic form of God. It is the transient, unconscious, insensitive and painful. In search of material prosperity and joy, people often encounter failure and frustration. Their pain is multiplied when they forget their spiritual resources. Even when they are successful, fears of losing their hard-earned possessions make them miserable. We are constantly receiving blows from outside, and if man does not learn the art of receiving strength from inside to counteract external blows, he is left in miserable mental and physical shape.


It has been observed that those who do not pray, worship or meditate grow bitter instead of growing better when they receive blows from outside and lack inner strength to balance it out. Those who meditate or pray grow better through challenges because it enriches them and they can sense the healing hands of God through meditation.


I would like to share the transformation of two historical personalities: one, with spirituality, becomes the messenger of love and another, an agent of death and destruction.


Rabia was a great, Islamic saint. She was sold as a slave to an emperor who was very cruel and insensitive. Even for a petty mistake, he punished her severely. He would put her hands under the legs of a table and jump on the table. Rabia bled and suffered silently. When she returned to her cottage, she prayed to invoke God’s blessings. Regular prayer and meditation not only conferred on her an all-conquering strength but also made her a self-realized saint. Her teachings emphasize the importance of love for others.


India had a very cruel sultan. He was once a slave and had many painful experiences in his life. He carried the burden of

Change the Quality of Your Life Through Kriya Yoga Meditation



that negativity throughout his life. When he became sultan of Delhi, he adopted the policy of sword and blood to suppress people with whom he was dissatisfied.


Those who only receive blows from outside and fail to get counteracting blows from inside, that is, the strength to balance the blows of this world, grow into distorted personalities and become warmongers and perpetrators of crime and misdeeds.


Kriya yoga meditation does not change things around you but it changes you for the things around. It strengthens the practitioner from inside and makes him a victor instead of a victim in the battle of life. This is the experience that even a novice on the path of kriya yoga meditation has. I substantiate the same with my personal experiences too.


Kriya yoga meditation connects you with God’s inexhaustible source of joy, power and wisdom. Give it a try if you have exhausted all other material sources of health and happiness.


Our mental state depends on the state of our life-energy and consciousness. Change the direction of energy flow in the body and the consciousness and mental state changes automatically. Upward flow of energy and consciousness makes us buoyant, cheerful and confident. Downward flow of energy makes us feel low, bogged down and depressed. The practice of kriya yoga induces upward flow of energy and consciousness. The quality of our life and mental state depend on our life-energy and consciousness.


Reflect how your perception and opinion about everything changes when you are sad. You fail to relish the compliments of your colleagues, your appreciative skills are blunted, your creativity and productivity decreases. When our mind is chaotic and negative, it impairs all our faculties and our performance, personal and professional, takes a downward swing. Now,

Awaken the Superman Within …



think of a day when you were cheerful. Unconsciously, you were more energetic, appreciative, patient, tolerant, creative and efficient at work. Our experience of life depends on our state of mind. If the mind is cheerful, everything seems cheerful. When the mind is miserable, our outlook towards life turns pessimistic.


All the problems of life are rooted in the mind. The world is like a screen and the mind is the projector. If a man is dissatisfied with the ugly experiences of life, he should change what is being projected on the screen.


If you place your hands on rose flowers, the sweet fragrance lingers even when your hands are off the flowers. When the mind rests on the blissful soul during kriya yoga meditation, it stays cheerful, alert and optimistic throughout the day. This blissful experience lays the foundation for material and spiritual success.


The deeper our perception of bliss, the calmer our mind grows and the more beautiful this world becomes. The greater depth of meditation we enjoy, the higher our “skills in action” are manifest. Then, you realize the true meaning of Lord Krishna’s words:

One who is united to the Divine within goes beyond the effects of both virtue and vice, even here in this life. Therefore, devote thyself to yoga, the divine union, as yoga is the art of proper action, that is, yoga develops efficiency in action.


– Bhagavad Gita II: 50