Develop Intuition (the Sixth Sense) through Kriya Yoga

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

– Robert Frost

The  stanza quoted above forms part of Robert Frost’s popular poem “The Road Not Taken.” Walking down the road of life, everyone faces a dilemma or is undecided when they reach a point where a single road branches off into two. The two options cause indecision, an inability to chart the

right course of action.

Decision-making plays a very significant role in our lives. Decisions make or mar life. When it’s time to pick a right business, business associate, life-partner, career or investment, we are caught up in a deep dilemma and exclaim like Hamlet “to be or not to be, that is the question.”

Bhagwad Gita sets the stage of life on a battlefield to denote the constant conflict in the human mind. Even great

intellectuals  like  Robert  Frost  face  doubt  and  indecision

because intelligence is impotent against the unpredictability

Develop Intuition (the Sixth Sense) through Kriya Yoga

of life. The blunt knife of intelligence cannot cut through the mysteries hidden in the womb of the future. We need the all-penetrating laser light of intuition to reveal events shrouded in the thick veil of the future.

A newborn’s mind is like a blank sheet of paper; no information is inscribed there. By and by, he gathers knowledge about the world around him. First, he identifies the world through sense perception, then inference and finally from scriptural or textual authority. The five senses: eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin are the basic instruments of knowledge. These senses are like windows that reveal the beautiful world to us. We receive impressions and perceive the world through them. Sense perception leads to conception and cognition. But these senses can never be a valid source of knowledge. When the window panes of our house are fractured, frosted over or damaged, they show a vague view of things outside.

If you are sitting with your eyes closed in a mango orchard, the thud of a fallen mango draws the attention of your ears. When you go near it, the eyes record its color, shape and size. When you pick it up in your hand, your skin determines its hardness or softness. When you bring it to your mouth to eat, your nose identifies its smell. When you eat it, your tongue registers the taste of mango. In future, when you go through a similar experience, you immediately guess that it must be a mango.

Our inferences, deductions or conclusions are based on sense-perceptions, which, at times, supply us wrong information. Our eyes might mistake a rope for a snake or vice-versa. We unquestionably believe “there cannot be smoke without fire,” but people often mistake fog or smog for smoke and jump to the conclusion that there is a fire.

Small objects seen at a distance grow bigger as we approach
Awaken the Superman Within …

nearer. The first sense perception keeps changing as does our conception till we reach the object. Thus, inference based on sense perception can never be a reliable source of knowledge.

People of different religions unquestionably believe what is written in their scriptures. They regard these scriptures as the unquestionable and ultimate source of knowledge. But even these scriptures can be wrong when wrongly written or misinterpreted. Today, even a child in Class I knows that the earth revolves around the sun, but it took more than 200 years for scientists like Copernicus and Galileo to establish this fact at the cost of immense physical suffering. The Bible propagated the theory of geo-centricity and the scientist believed in helio-centricity. Finally, science prevailed in the long-drawn-out battle with religion.

Since perception, inference and scriptural authority are indirect sources of knowledge, while intuition is the all-knowing power of the soul, the direct source of knowledge, our imperfect senses guided by the law of relativity cannot provide the absolute truth about everything. To understand the absolute truth, we need to develop our intuition, which progressively manifests in matter and man. Matter, rocks and minerals manifest the same through their unconscious response, plants through their feelings, animals through their instincts, man through intelligence and superman or enlightened man through intuition. Even ordinary human beings without awareness of this power have intuitive experiences which they call hunches. They think of someone long forgotten and that person arrives. Even some animals, like dogs, are very intuitive.

One can consciously develop this power using the techniques of kriya yoga. In fact, kriya yoga is the most effective tool to develop this power.

Develop Intuition (the Sixth Sense) through Kriya Yoga

Our mental state can be compared with an impaired radio or cell phone; there is a lot of chaos and disturbance within. We, therefore, fail to listen to the messages floating in the ether or to see the blueprint of a future event. The regular practice of kriya yoga dissolves dualities and disturbances, establishes calmness within and draws us very close to the all-knowing power of the soul.

The after-effects of kriya yoga meditations, if retained during the activities of day-to-day life, will reflect incredible intuitive powers and will help you choose the right course of action even in the midst of utter chaos and confusion.