Develop Personal Magnetism through Kriya Yoga

He    that    loves    a    rosy    cheek
Or    a    coral    lip    admires,

Or from star-like eyes doth seek

Fuel    to    maintain    his    fires:

As old Time makes these decay,

So his flames must waste away.

But a smooth and steadfast mind,

Gentle thoughts, and calm desires,

Hearts with equal love combined,

Kindle    never-dying    fires:

Where these are not, I despise

Lovely cheeks or lips or eyes.

–Thomas Carew

“Intellectual beauty is far superior to and outlasts physical beauty. The physical beauty of a man or a woman decays with the passage of time but the noble attributes of head and heart last as long as a man or a woman lives. Love based on physical charms, therefore, survives as long as it is fed by the fuel of physical beauty. When old age, the robber of beauty,
Develop Personal Magnetism through Kriya Yoga

enters through the main door, people’s love takes flight from the window.”

People generally focus too much on maintaining physical attraction. Unfortunately, beauty without brains is like a flower without fragrance and intellectual attraction without spiritual magnetism is like an oyster without pearl.

Swami Vivekananda used to say: “A man comes; you know he is very learned and his language is beautiful and he speaks to you by the hour. But he does not make an impression. Another man comes, and he speaks a few words, not well-arranged, ungrammatical perhaps. All the same, he makes an immense impression.

Words, even thoughts, contribute only one-third of the influence in making an impression; the man, two-thirds. What you call personal magnetism is what impresses you.

In the philosopher, there is faint personality and in a great prophet it is tremendous. That is why the philosopher scarcely influences anybody’s inner man in spite of writing the most marvelous books.”

This observation of one of the greatest saints of India depicts the superiority of spiritual magnetism over intellectual magnetism. History bears testimony that noble souls and saints have been greater social reformers than philosophers and dry intellectuals. Despite being a great thinker and scholar, Mahayogi Aurobindo realized the futility of intellectuality in reforming the society and freeing India of the evil and atrocities of the British regime. He, therefore sought seclusion and devoted all his time for his spiritual growth. Intellectuality pales when it is compared with spirituality.

Though My focus here is to discuss how dormant spiritual magnetism can be awakened with the practice of kriya yoga, but I will touch on all aspects of personality because the

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harmonious development of physical, mental and spiritual potential leads to extraordinary personal magnetism.

Physical Magnetism: Although physical magnetism is often called animal magnetism and has limited influence, it can create a strong first impression. The body is like the mud where the lotus of intellectual and spiritual beauty blossoms. It, therefore, should be well taken care of. One can develop awesome physical magnetism by following these suggestions:

Quantity and quality of food: Once, a colleague was reading a book on weight management, written by a dietician who is reported to have been a dietitian of several film stars. I asked my friend, “What is the best suggestion of the book?”

“Don’t overeat. Eat a little bit, frequently,” she replied.

“This is old wine in a new bottle,” I said. Ayurveda teaches us, “Stokum, stokum anekoda” (Eat a little bit, frequently).

Overeating devitalizes the life-energy used in digesting food. Those who overeat are lazy, lethargic and lackluster. When you eat heavy food, blood and life-energy rush to the digestive system to start assimilation. Energy is always occupied in the digestive system and hardly gets time to repair damaged cells, leading to premature aging and death. Overeating also drains the inner life, causing loss of magnetism.

Like quantity, the quality of food is equally important. To satisfy their taste buds, people eat indiscriminately. They care more for their vehicles than their bodies. They never use diesel for petrol cars but stuff anything in their body. One should preferably eat fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and nuts, wholesome foods with fiber and dry foods and avoid eating heavy and toxin-producing foods like meat and spicy and oily foods that overload the heart and the digestive system.

Good quantity and quality of food energize us and poor quality of food enervates us. As the first effect of positive or
Develop Personal Magnetism through Kriya Yoga

negative thoughts is on the mind and then on the body, food first affects the body and then the mind and finally the soul. The Bhagavad Gita, the blueprint of a happy and healthy life, outlines three categories of food and their effects on human beings. The sattvic diet strengthens us from within, tamasic overexcites the system and tamasic deadens physical and mental alertness.

Exercise and elimination: Regular exercise plays a significant role in keeping us vibrant with energy. Proper exercises improve blood circulation and oxygen-intake and energize the body. Moreover, exercises help us flush out toxins from the body and make us feel lighter and buoyant and confident.

Aura cleansing: I once read an interview of an actress wherein she shared tips to stay healthy. She said,”she does not practice Pranayama or breathing techniques. As her regular regimen of aerobics provides the same benefits as pranayama techniques.

Undoubtedly, aerobic exercises give the same benefits as deep-breathing exercises but they cannot be interchanged with pranayama techniques. Pranayama is a psycho-physiological activity, practiced to purify important channels of life-energy, awaken dormant energy sleeping in the muladhar chakra and interiorize the mind for meditative purposes. Aerobics are purely physical exercises that have nothing do to with spiritual awakening. Pranayama techniques cleanse and strengthen our aura, the electromagnetic radiation around our head, which protects us from evil influences.

Fasting: Fasting plays a pivotal role in developing magnetism. It gives much-needed rest to the body and to digestive and excretory systems and liberates a tremendous amount of life-energy for restorative, regenerative and rejuvenative purposes. My first spiritual master, my reverent guru-maa has

Awaken the Superman Within …

been fasting far more than forty years. Even at eighty, she has glowing health and vitality.

Mental Magnetism: Just as we have a balanced, nutritious diet to keep physically fit, we should have a regular nutritious mental diet. Nature does not like a vacuum. It fills it with something good or bad. When a farmer does not sow seeds of desired crops in the field, nature fills it with unwanted grass and weeds. One should regularly read good books and associate with those who are positive and peaceful. Positivity develops tremendous magnetism. One should also try to develop divine attributes of courage, calmness and confidence, mental clarity and concentration.

Once a poor boy went to a temple and prayed to God to give him a pair of shoes to avoid the painful burns of scorching heat. The next day, when he was begging around in the streets, a gentleman gifted him a pair of shoes. The boy looked at the gentleman and asked him, “Are you God?”

The astonished gentleman blurted, “No, no, not at all. I am an ordinary fellow.”

The boy said, “How do you know I needed shoes? I have not told it to anyone except God in the temple.”

The story beautifully illustrates that the practice of divine qualities makes us divine. Qualities of compassion, consideration, service and sacrifice make us irresistibly attractive.

Spiritual Magnetism: Science defines magnetism as the motion of electrically charged particles. Magnetism is a kind of electromagnetic force caused by magnets, objects that produce fields that attract or repel other objects. The force acting on an electrically charged particle in a magnetic field depends on the magnitude of the charge, the velocity of the particle and the strength of the magnetic field. Generally, two

Develop Personal Magnetism through Kriya Yoga

electrons have magnetic fields that are in opposite directions, so they cancel each other.

We can change a bar of iron into a magnet in two ways, either by electricity or by magnet. When electricity flows through an iron bar, it realigns the molecules or electrons into north-south polarity and all molecules have unidirectional flow; a great magnetism is then produced in the iron bar. The magnetism was present in the iron bar but its molecules or electrons, placed in opposite directions, were cancelling the magnetic field. Similarly, when an iron bar is placed near a magnet, the molecules of the iron bar are realigned in north-south polarity and a magnetic force is induced in the iron bar.

In cinema halls, as long as people go in from the entry door and go out the exit door, the flow is smooth and chaos-free. When people enter and exit from the same door, they strike against each other and hamper each other’s movement.

Kriya magnetizes the central energy channel in the spine and produces tremendous magnetism. Without kriya, the spine behaves like a bar of iron whose electrons have magnetic fields in opposite directions, cancelling each other out. With kriya yoga, the energy caught in billions of cells of the human body, sense and motor organs, in the chakras is released to flow unidirectionally, that is, from the lowest (south pole) to the highest center (north pole). This makes a yogi a powerhouse of energy. Using this spiritual magnetism, the practitioner can draw desired persons and possessions to himself.