Evaluate your Spiritual Intelligence

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest physicists, said, “The field (invisible energy) is the sole governing agency of the particle (matter).” Although this observation has been made by modern scientists, Lord Krishna very elaborately explains in the Bhagavad Gita how the material world emerges from the “Hiranyagarbha,” the womb of light or the infinite source of energy. Even modern science claims that matter is the

vibration of energy.

Kriya yoga is the simple and universal science of unfolding or unleashing the powers of the soul. It’s highly effective and results are instantaneous. My extensive research and regular practice of kriya yoga have established my faith firmly in its efficacy and utility. Do not blindly accept what I write here. Investigate, experiment with the tools and techniques suggested and your personal experience of the benefits and blessings will set you firmly on the path of kriya yoga.

Kriya yoga is a panacea for those afflicted with the disease of doubt and despair, frustration and failure on the path of spirituality. A true kriya yogi unlocks the powers of his soul like a nuclear scientist who knows how to release energy hidden in atoms. Regular practice of kriya yoga meditation replaces our internal darkness with the divine light, which guides our steps towards lasting peace, success and satisfaction. We

Evaluate your Spiritual Intelligence

spontaneously manifest divine attributes and powers like a flower radiates fragrance.

My strong recommendation for the practice of kriya yoga meditation is a sort of business proposition; if accepted, it will bring greater profits in terms of joy, wisdom and power. Invest a little time to reap great dividends for your regular needs. If you want to enjoy twenty-three productive hours in a day, you should devote an hour to the practice of kriya yoga.

Kriya yoga practiced devotionally for a long time not only improves the quality of life but also draws the blessings of God, our Heavenly Father. In my opinion, it is far better to be a prince, enjoying life luxuriously using the wealth of the Heavenly Father than to be a pauper begging around to meet the basic needs of life.

Dependence on physical powers and material sources alone degrades man to the level of bovine. His reliance on the soul within upgrades him to the level of Divine. The all-knowing and all-powerful image of God is hidden in man just as the bulky banyan tree is hidden in a tiny seed. As the seed grows into a big tree under favorable conditions, so too God manifests His infinite potential in a spiritually conducive environment in a body honed by the regular practice of kriya yoga.

People accumulate money and material resources and even get them insured for security. Although many insurance agencies claim “with life and after life,” very few can fulfill this promise. From time immemorial, human experience remains the same. Money and material are “with life and not after life.”

Man enters and leaves this world in the same way, naked and without possessions. Even great conquerors like Alexander the Great leave this world empty-handed and all their treasures, retinue of highly experienced doctors and armed soldiers are helpless against the might of the Lord of Death.

Devote some time to seek the immortal in this mortal world, seek refuge in the imperishable among perishables and

Awaken the Superman Within …

you will find yourself secure in the castle of His protection, insured against man-made or natural calamities and cataclysms. Your whole life will be blessed by the dewdrops of His love and you will be able to echo the voice of God expressed through the following words:

To those who meditate on Me (God) and are inwardly devoted to me, I supply whatever they need and make their gains permanent.

– Bhagavad Gita IX: 22

To test your spiritual Intelligence, ask yourself these questions:

1.    Do you believe that man can do away with all his limitations by learning to draw upon the powers of the body, mind and soul?

2.    Can you find your place and role in the cosmic scheme of life?

3.    Do you believe in the eternal principles of righteousness that promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of all?

4.    Have you ever realized that you are the part of “a greater reality” and all the forces of nature exist to support you if you lead your life in harmony with the laws of nature?

5.    Have you decided to walk forward on the spiritual path after reading thus far?

If you answer three questions in the affirmative, you are spiritual.

If you answer four questions in the affirmative, you are spiritually intelligent.

If you answer five questions in the affirmative, you are spiritually advanced.