How Kriya Yoga frees Man From All Sufferings and Sorrows

Once upon a time, there was a man who was scared of his own shadow and foot-fall (the sound of his feet). He had made up his mind to get rid of these to fears. He thought of various ways and means but none worked out well. Finally, the method he hit upon was to run away from them. So the man got up and ran to be free from them. Unfortunately, the more he ran, the more he produced the sound of his foot-steps and his shadow followed him like the tail of an animal. When he failed to escape from them, he thought he was not running fast enough. So, he ran faster and faster without stopping until he fell unconscious.

A wise man, who was watching the futile struggle and pitiable plight of the man from the mountain, came down to him. He shook him gently to help him gain consciousness. Then the wise man held his hand lovingly and took him to a nearby tree and asked him to sit under it and relax.  

After a while, the man asked troubled man about his problem. Lo! to the greatest surprise of the man, there was neither the sound of his foot-steps nor the trailing shadow. Surprisingly, it all happened so naturally, so effortlessly.

“Had I only sought shelter under this tree, I would not have suffered so much”, said the man to himself.

This man is none other than you, me and everyone whom the shadow of failures, sufferings, evil karmas and self-defeating habits follow wherever we go. Even those who are enjoying good health; abundant

wealth can hear the footfall of approaching uncertainty, insecurity, old age, debility, disease and death. 

Here, the wise man refers to great souls like Lord Krishna, Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasay, Paramhansa Yogananda who suggest mankind to seek shelter under Kriya Yoga Kalpataru (Kalpataru is a Divine Wish-Fulfilling Tree which fulfills all desires of gods and men) to escape from endless sufferings.