Human Life and Vision

The purpose of life is to grow in body, mind and soul. These are the greatest endowments of nature and their combined, evolved powers can move mountains on the way

to man’s rising glory.

The scriptures sing the glory of human life because it’s the link between bovine and divine. Neither animals nor angels

can accelerate their evolution. Animals have to wait till they ascend and evolve as humans and angels have to wait till they descend on earth as humans.

The scriptures affirm that it takes more than a million years to evolve as humans and many more years to realize the innate divinity that can exist independent of time, body and breath. This stretch of time is enlarged beyond the wildest conjecture of man if his life is not in harmony with the laws of nature and righteousness, the eternal principles that ensure the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of man.

The powers of body and mind dwindle in old age but the immutable, immortal soul transcends the barriers of bodily debility, disease, old age and death. The scary skeletons of wrestlers and empty skulls of great scientists and scholars strewn across and trodden over by animals in cemeteries demonstrate the hollowness of physical and intellectual

Awaken the Superman Within …

accomplishments. Yet, most of us lead our lives like the Japanese businessman.

Swami Ramatirtha was a great scholar of mathematics and a self-realized soul. His travelogue narrates an incident that took place on one of his tours to Japan. Walking down the streets of Japan, Swami Rama saw that a house was on fire. It was completely engulfed by blazing flames. The servants of the house were busy taking things out. The owner of the house, a rich businessman, was standing and crying helplessly. He was beating his chest and asking the servants to bring out all the valuables before the house was burnt to ashes. After frenzied activity of over an hour or so, many things were taken out safely.

Now, the whole house was enveloped in flames. The servants asked the businessman what had to be brought out next. The owner of the house asked them to go once more to check if any valuables had been left inside. Everyone were left speechless when the servants brought out the dead body of the owner’s only son, his heir who was to enjoy everything that had been saved so far. The businessman fell unconscious on seeing his dead son.

Swami Rama noted down this incident in his diary and remarked that this was exactly what was happening around the world. People are busy collecting objects of enjoyment at the cost of the enjoyer; they are collecting money and material at the cost of the maker, that is, the soul or divinity within.

The goal of life should be to release the soul from the captivity of the body so that it can exhibit and exercise its sovereignty over matter, using its innate divine powers of omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience and immortality.
Human Life and Vision

The wise, therefore, focus on the evolution of their higher self or soul, bypassing other insane activities. Their smart move is applauded by the great ones and God alike.

The modern man is blindfolded with the short-sightedness of materialism and fails to perceive spiritual laws that govern the principles of all-round success and happiness. The soul, like the sun, radiates countless rays of desirable psycho-spiritual powers and traits. The more man is attuned to this source of all-power and nobility, the greater is the reflection of these characteristics in life. All material manifestations of mind and body seek their origin in the immortal soul within.

It is diamond not coal that reflects the light of the sun. Great souls like Lord Mahavira, Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ and Nanak Deva devoted their time to self-purification, so that they could reflect the light of God within.

The complete evolution of the higher self or the soul bridges the wide chasm that exists between man and maker, creature and creator, nara and Narayana.

Even a little practice of this religion (time devoted for the evolution of “self”) will free man from dire fears and colossal sufferings inherent in the repeated cycle of birth and death.

– Bhagavad Gita II: 40