Human Potential

Once upon a time, there was a beggar. He was very ambitious and dreamt of being a king. He devoted night and day to begging and earned a lot of money. Before he died,

his status changed. From a small beggar, he became a big beggar, but he could never become king. He died dissatisfied, with his wishes unfulfilled.

To save money, the beggar had never spent a penny on himself. He slept with an old and dirty blanket he had begged from someone. His surroundings were filthy and dingy. When he died, the people of the neighborhood came to bury him. They decided to bury him where he had lived all his life to avoid wasting any other land on him. They started digging. Before long, they were surprised to find a treasure of diamonds and gold that surpassed the possessions of the wealthiest king of the time. Had the beggar been alive, he too would have been shocked.

The people started cursing the beggar for his foolishness. “Had he dug up the place he lived, he would have realized that he was born a king, but he spent his whole life as a beggar and died as one,” they said.

A wise man among them had a completely different opinion. He told them not to curse the beggar because they

Awaken the Superman Within …

too were like the beggar. They too had left their inner treasures untouched and unearthed.

The tragedy of human life is that humans are born with great treasures but they waste their whole life looking for treasures outside themselves. They are too busy in attainments to spare time for an awareness of what they have.

Seeing Arjun’s despondency and reluctance to fight the righteous battle of the Mahabharat, Lord Krishna reminds him of his divinity, to kindle new courage, confidence and strength in Arjun. The purpose of Krishna’s teachings is to reawaken the memories of Arjun’s lost divinity, to remind man that his innate abilities are enough to overcome any battle of life.

These teachings remind man not to feel poor, helpless and anxious when he is actually blessed with a treasure. I hope mankind, like Arjun, will awaken one day from the dream of his mortal ignorance and weaknesses and will stand unshaken against the storms of life to proclaim:

My ignorance is completely annihilated and I have regained the memory of my lost divinity. Firmly established in my soul-awareness, I am ready to follow thy instructions.

Bhagavad Gita XVIII: 73

Lord Krishna, the greatest of mentors, devotes 18 chapters and 700 verses for one purpose: to reawaken the sleeping divinity of Arjun. Now the question arises: How can we awaken the sleeping memory of what we are? Although nothing is required except the practice of kriya yoga meditation, I still suggest a few techniques.

Positive affirmations and visualizations bring about desired change in one’s mental state and attitude and are

Human Potential

not considered a mystic practice anymore. These are now practiced by people all over the world as an effective tool of psychotherapy. A thought or affirmation repeated multiple times sinks deep into our subconscious mind and brings about favorable changes in our attitude and behavior.

I suggest here the practice of a powerful affirmation and visualization technique which can be practiced in the morning and in the night to realize one’s innate divinity. I start my day with the following affirmation (I have translated it from

Sanskrit into English for my readers) to awaken my sleeping

divinity, the foundation of all energy and strength. I call this

the “greatness affirmation,” the ultimate reminder of man’s greatness:

I remember the divine light in my heart, which stimulates and kindles life in me that is ever-blissful and conscious.
It’s the superconscious state beyond the

waking, sleeping and dreaming state.

I am that Brahma, not a bundle of flesh and bones.

Visualization technique: Sit comfortably with your spine straight and focus your attention at the eyebrow centre visualize your consciousness expanding like a blue light, encompassing all space. Imagine the stars and galaxies shining like the lights of a distant city within the infinitude of your being. Meditate on your vastness within.