Kriya Yoga: A Rocket Route to God

There are several modes of transport for those who wish to travel from one place to another: horse-carriage, cycle, motorcycle, bus, train or plane. All these modes of conveyance have their own benefits and drawbacks. However, if a man wants to reach his destination as soon as possible, the plane is a better option. If one plans to undertake travel to a star, to space, or another planet, spaceships and rockets

are ideal because of their speed.

Kriya yoga is said to be a rocket route to God or the Divine within because it takes us to God faster than any other yogic or meditation technique. All the meditation techniques practiced in the East or in the West start either with mindfulness or mindlessness, mental control or mental transcendence. My long investigation and experiments with various meditation techniques practiced in Buddhist,

Jain, Tibetan, Sufi and Zen traditions have broadened my understanding about them. I can compare several meditation techniques and show their respective merits and demerits, but it will be a mere digression to discuss all these things in detail here. I will broadly share how kriya yoga can be more beneficial to people devoted to realizing their innate divine potentiality. My objective here is not to put down any person,

Kriya Yoga: A Rocket Route to God

technique or tradition or to discourage the follower of any path. I simply want to share what I have discovered through my long research and practice. The science of kriya yoga is so practical and universal that those who practice it will have similar experiences. I sympathize with the millions who have been meditating over the years without any direct, personal experience of soul. I can only say that if they practice kriya yoga, they will find it highly effective and a productive addition to their religious or spiritual practice.

A man faces many challenges when he sits for meditation. The body’s restlessness does not allow a person to sit quietly for long; senses enlivened by the life-energy keep sending messages, like a mobile phone, to distract the

mind. Even highly patient people lose patience. It’s because of such stumbling blocks that mankind has witnessed so few enlightened ones. Even those who are successful struggle hard; with willpower they control the mind, ignoring the disturbances caused by the body and the mind. The more they reduce their thought process, the more silence settles inside. The deeper the silence, the greater the energy released from the body to the spine and the greater the feeling of peace and spiritual refreshment. Despite this spiritual achievement, many are stuck in the subconscious mind, failing to bypass its marshy land because their consciousness is not raised to higher states and chakras. The practice of kriya yoga not only centralizes consciousness and life-energy in the spine, but also raises it to eyebrow center, the seat of the soul and the superconscious experience.

Our body has two poles of life-energy: the north pole and the south pole. Life-energy has a constant downward pull from the north or the positive pole to the south or negative pole due to gravitational waves and other forces of body and nature. Even scientific laws, especially the law of thermodynamics,

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proves that energy flows from higher to lower mediums. Here, the positive pole refers to the omniscient spiritual eye or ajna chakra and the south pole refers to the lowest center of energy in the body, known as the muladhara or root chakra. The prime purpose of kriya practice is to reverse this downward flow of energy and concentrate it at the ajna chakra. It is very difficult to meditate at ajna chakra if there is a downward flow of energy from there. If you doubt this, test it. Whenever a spiritual aspirant tries to raise both his eyes to focus on a single spiritual eye, his attention and eyes both slip repeatedly and he is left frustrated. No amount of hard work leads to success until you calm your mind and raise your level of energy from the south pole to the north pole, that is, from the muladhara to the ajna chakra. Moreover, the practice of kriya yoga pranayama gives conscious control over life-energy and consciousness and complete control over body and mind. Thus, its result is direct and immediate.

Wouldn’t you be grateful for a vehicle that takes you

to your desired destination in one hour while others take

as much as 576 hours on the same journey? The intense

practice of kriya yoga for one hour takes you where a person meditating one hour per day reaches in 576 days (more than one-and-a-half years). No yogic technique can match kriya yoga in efficacy and instantaneous results. I not only compile and quote these facts but lend them authenticity through my personal experiences.

Truth can never be created or altered; it can only be perceived. Those who retrace their way to divinity through kriya yoga will experience what the great ones did.

Before I sum up, I would like to quote an observation made by Paramhansa Yogananda, a great kriya yogi and a self-realized soul:

Kriya Yoga: A Rocket Route to God

Twenty-four hours of meditation by any other technique, except kriya yoga, will not produce as many results as practicing Hong-Sau meditation for one hour. Likewise, one hour of kriya yoga produces results amounting to twenty-four hours of practicing Hong-Sau.

The Hong-Sau technique of meditation has been practiced by yogis in India since time immemorial and is the greatest meditation technique next to kriya. Lord Buddha attained enlightenment through the assiduous practice of this technique. It is known as anapana sati yoga and vipassana among Buddhist followers. Prana-apan (intake and release of breath) of Bhagavad Gita (written in Sanskrit) became anapana in Pali, the language used by Lord Buddha for his teachings. Basically, there is no difference between the teachings of Lord Buddha and Lord Krishna.