Kriya Yoga Alleviates Human Suffering

Once, a great yogi was addressing a large congregation of devotees. All the devotees were lost in the divine nectar flowing from the yogi. It started raining unexpectedly, with thunder, and all the devotees ran off to seek shelter from the rain. In a short while, the rain stopped and the sun was visible again. The devotees returned to listen to the yogi. To their surprise, they found the yogi sitting calmly with a bewitching smile on his face. The yogi asked about their well-being. The devotees narrated how they were safe in the various shelters

they had sought.

The devotees then asked, “Why didn’t you run to a safe place to shield yourself from the rain?”

The yogi replied, “Sensing the danger, I too ran to the safest place in the universe.”

“But you haven’t even budged from your place,” the devotees remarked.

The yogi replied, “All of us ran to seek shelter. I sought refuge inside and you outside.”

Birds build nests and men make homes to keep themselves safe. Unfortunately, the nests could be attacked by wild animals and homes might be destroyed by natural

disasters. It is up to us to decide whether we would like to build our house on rock or on sand. Those who build homes of happiness and joy on the rocks of inner stability and security are safer than those who build on the sands of instability and evanescence. Sooner or later, the downpour will come and the sands will be swept away.

Ramakrishna Paramhansa rendered spiritual services cheerfully to all those who approached him, teaching and guiding them, despite suffering from throat cancer.

St Francis of Assisi used to heal the deadliest diseases of people but he himself underwent the excruciating pain of surgery without using anesthesia.

How were these saints able to maintain a calm and happy state of mind despite undergoing severe suffering?

Ordinary human beings who laugh in their joys and lament in their sorrows are confined to three states of the mind. The fourth state of mind, the transcendental state, which is the source of joy and the substratum of all, is inaccessible to them.

During the day, when a man is awake, he lives in the realm of the conscious mind. He feels all kinds of pleasure and pain, of the body and of the world. He does not have any escape until he falls asleep. Thus, the conscious state of mind is the state of bodily and worldly awareness and the subconscious mind is temporary lack of awareness of body, breath and mind and worldly chaos and clutter. This is how a sleeping man who enters the realm of the subconscious mind can enjoy deep peace of mind, freedom from bodily and mental pains like worries, stress, anxiety and painful experiences and memories. Sleep is the greatest healing herb that God gave man on earth, irrespective of man’s merits or demerits. Earth would have changed into a colossal asylum if there had been no sleep.

Kriya Yoga Alleviates Human Suffering

However, this subconscious sate is often disturbed either by dreams or by some strong stimuli like noise or a mosquito bite. Thus, the waking state invites troubles and the sleeping and dreaming states offer temporary solutions. However, the transcendental state or superconscious state of mind is complete freedom from physical and mental tortures and worldly disturbances. It is the pain-proof state of mind. It is like a highly fortified castle where no power of the world can assail and intrude without the consent of the person who learns to access this state.

Once a concrete “wishing-well” was being installed at Mount Washington, the spiritual training center of Paramhansa Yogananda. The well slipped from the hands of the men who were holding it and fell on Yogananda’s foot, which was badly crushed under the weight of about a 1000 pounds. Yogananda winced involuntarily due to the extreme physical pain and his natural reaction was clearly written on his face.

“I will show you something,” he said to those who were present there. “I will enter the superconscious state by focusing at the point between the eyebrows.”

As he did so, instantly all pain disappeared and his face resumed its cheerful expression. “Now,” he said, “I will bring down my mind from the superconscious to the conscious state.” His facial expressions immediately showed the natural reaction to pain.

He repeated these alternating experiences several times and demonstrated his mastery over the different states of consciousness and the ability to enter and exit from the superconscious state at will. He inspired all those present by the practical demonstration of the ability to and the benefits of reaching that blissful state.

Awaken the Superman Within …

Paramhansa Yoganada like Ramakrishna Paramhansa and other saints had mastered all the states of mind with the devoted practice of kriya yoga. He used to say, “My God is just a kriya away, unlike ignorant worldly people who console their mind in fear by affirming that the police or hospital is just a call away.”