Kriya Yoga: An Effective Psychotherapy Tool

Life is nature’s most beautiful gift to man. We appreciate and enjoy other wonders and gifts of life as long as we have life. Unfortunately, indiscriminate activities of short-sighted man have resulted in more chaos than order, more sorrow than joy, more failure than success. We have polluted not only earth, air, water, but also body, mind and soul. It is a self-created misfortune of modern man that he is a victim of both inner and outer pollution. We are too busy counting chickens before they hatch to enjoy the ownership and beauty of hens. Although there is a lot in us and in nature to make life

beautiful, we focus on acquiring more possessions.

Man’s soul, the core of his existence, is like an atom. An atom has positively charged neutrons and protons at its center and negatively charged electrons on the periphery. Peace, positivity, joy and wisdom are basic and innate to human beings. Negativity is acquired and is on the surface. We can remove negative emotions like anger, anxiety, pessimism, nervousness and depression by practicing deep-breathing techniques like kriya yoga and thus enjoying the native joy of the soul.

Kriya yoga helps uncover inner peace and joy and makes life beautiful. Our hearts are thirsty for soul-joy but we increase

Kriya Yoga: An Effective Psychotherapy Tool

our thirst by misguiding and offering scanty dewdrops of material joys. Soul decay sets in when we are focused outside. Our stinking thoughts and actions are the result of this inner putrefaction.

Look at an artist creating his masterpiece. The more he concentrates, the slower he breathes. The depth of meditation and the resultant peace and joy is directly proportional to the state of the breath. Angry people have flaring nostrils; negative emotions cause the breath to become jerky, irregular and fast. The conscious practice of long, rhythmic and harmonious breathing brings about peace, joy and clarity in thinking. When clouds of negative emotions, the unavoidable top-ups of mundane life, are removed or swept away by the breeze of breathing techniques like kriya yoga, we find ourselves settled under the silence and joy of the inner sky.