Kriya Yoga for Global Peace

“The aim of holistic education is to sensitize, socialize, rationalize  and  spiritualize  children.  What  is  the worth of an education that fails to make children sensitive, sensible, appreciative and adjusting? The poem ‘A Doctor’s Journal Entry,’ which I am going to share here, depicts the heartrending, large-scale death and destruction caused by the atom-bomb attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. I hope the poem will help you empathize with innocent Japanese who suffered immensely for no reason and

will inspire you to become global peace ambassadors.

It is a great irony that all the great civilizations of the world look down upon the war, but wars continue to be fought in the name of nationality, religion, community, territory and superiority. Wars bring with them bloodshed, death, destruction, social, ethical and economic crises and leave behind an unacceptable and ugly legacy of orphans, widows and victims with tears and pain. Its all-consuming nature spares none, whether victor or victim.”

The above lines are from the introduction to one of the lectures I delivered before I started interpreting Vikram Seth’s poem, “A Doctor’s Journal Entry” given below:

Kriya Yoga for Global Peace

The morning stretched calm, beautiful, and warm.

Sprawling half clad, I gazed out at the form Of shimmering leaves and shadows. Suddenly A strong flash, then another, startled me.
I saw the old stone lantern brightly lit.

Magnesium flares? While I debated it,

The roof, the walls and, as it seemed, the world

Collapsed in timber and debris, dust swirled Around me—in the garden now—and, weird,
My drawers and undershirt disappeared.

A splinter jutted from my mangled thigh.

My right side bled, my cheek was torn, and I Dislodged, detachedly, a piece of glass,

All the time wondering what had come to pass.

Where was my wife? Alarmed, I gave a shout, ‘Where are you, Yecko-san?’ My blood gushed out. The artery in my neck? Scared for my life,
I called out, panic-stricken, to my wife.

Pale, bloodstained, frightened, Yecko-san emerged,

Holding her elbow. ‘We’ll be fine,’ I urged— ‘Let’s get out quickly.’ Stumbling to the street

We fell, tripped by something at our feet. I gasped out, when I saw it was a head:

‘Excuse me, please excuse me—’ He was dead: A gate had crushed him. There we stood, afraid.

Awaken the Superman Within …

A house standing before us tilted, swayed,

Toppled, and crashed. Fire sprang up in the dust,

Spread by the wind. It dawned on us we must Get to the hospital: we needed aid—

And I should help my staff too. (Though this made Sense to me then, I wonder how I could)

My legs gave way. I sat down on the ground. Thirst seized me, but no water could be found. My breath was short, but bit by bit my strength
Seemed to revive, and I got up at length.

I was still naked, but I felt no shame.

This thought disturbed me somewhat, till I came Upon a soldier, standing silently,

Who gave the towel round his neck to me My legs, stiff with dried blood, rebelled. I said

To Yecko-san she must go on ahead.

She did not wish to, but in our distress What choice had we? A dreadful loneliness Came over me when she had gone. My mind Ran at high speed, my body crept behind.
I saw the shadowy forms of people, some

Were ghosts, some scarecrows, all were wordless dumb

Arms stretched straight out, shoulder to dangling hand;

It took some time for me to understand

The friction on their burns caused so much pain

Kriya Yoga for Global Peace

They feared to chafe flesh against flesh again. Those who could, shuffled in a blank parade Towards the hospital. I saw, dismayed,
A woman with a child stand in my path—

Both naked. Had they come back from the bath?

I turned my gaze, but was at a loss

That she should stand thus, till I came across

A naked man—and now the thought arose

That some strange thing had stripped us of our clothes. The face of an old woman on the ground

was marred with suffering, but she made no sound.

Silence was common to us all. I heard

No cries of anguish, or a single word.

As the interpretation of the poem progressed, the children of class twelve lost their cheerful expressions. Unable to listen further, they asked me stop the exposition of the poem and answer their questions. Amid many voices, I heard only one question, “How can we avert these man-made disasters?”

I replied, “Only inner peace and purification can pave the path to global peace.”

Peace: Harmony is the core quality of consciousness and our inner self. As long as discordant notes of conflicting thoughts run riot in our mind, we fail to perceive the underlying peace and harmony. Inner peace is a reservoir of energy and leads to peaceful, productive actions and achievements. The person who does not cultivate inner peace, harmony and poise through regular meditation, fails to get along with himself. If he cannot get along with himself, he cannot get along with others. What is the way to peace? Peace is the

Awaken the Superman Within …

way to peace on the earth. As long as we do not enjoy inner peace, our actions lead to destructive and disruptive activities outside. Military powers, however great and strong, cannot establish peace on earth. Peaceful minds alone can bring about peaceful and prosperous actions. Chaotic minds with inner conflicts cause clashes and wars. The practice of kriya yoga establishes inner peace, positivity and harmony, the core of our existence.

Purification: An impure mind generates cruelty, greed, anger, jealousy, envy, hatred, selfishness, self-gratification, narrow-mindedness, arrogance, insensitivity and self-aggrandizement. These negative emotions are termed demonic qualities by Lord Krishna. The practice of kriya yoga purifies our heart and negative qualities like cruelty, anger, envy and hatred are replaced with empathy, sensitivity, love and compassion. Self-gratification, narrow-mindedness and self-aggrandizement are replaced with service, sacrifice, humility, sharing and humanitarianism. The practice of kriya yoga not only purifies our heart but awakens dormant divine powers and qualities. Those who purify their heart are the real salt of the earth, not those who develop their intellectual powers. Read how inner transformation leads to a better world:

If there is righteousness in the heart There will be beauty in the character If there is beauty in the character There will be harmony in the home If there is harmony in the home There will be order in the nation

If there is order in the nation There will be peace in the world
Kriya Yoga for Global Peace

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi conducted an experiment in

America in 1993 to prove to scientists the effect of meditation on human behavior. He called 4,000 teachers to Washington DC and made them meditate for one month. This led to drastic reduction in the crime rate in Washington DC. Unable to explain the phenomenon, the scientists simply called it the
“maharishi effect.”

Establish peace, mental poise and inner harmony within, and you will emerge as an apostle of love and a global peace builder. Peace, harmony and prosperity will reign in the world, provided we enjoy it inside through the regular practice of kriya yoga meditation.

Ninety-eight per cent of the problems of earth can be solved if two per cent of the people on earth learn to meditate regularly.