Kriya Yoga: One Action for All Accomplishments

Now I will explain the technique of life-force control, the practice of which bestows on the aspirant all-accomplishing power. But this is effective and fruitful when learned directly from a guru or spiritual master. Millions of scriptures and disciplines of knowledge cannot illustrate it without a guru.

– Shiva-Swarodaya Vigyan

Mao Zedong was a highly influential leader of China. As a child, he lived near a garden. His mother loved the

plants, flowers, and trees in the garden.

Once, his mother fell ill and was confined to her bed for some time. She worried about only one thing: the garden. When Mao saw his mother’s worry, he consoled her by telling her that he would take care of her garden. Mao took the best possible care of the garden but failed to keep the plants and flowers green and lively.

When his mother got better, she was desperate to see her garden. She was taken there. Seeing her garden, she was very perturbed. She asked Mao angrily, “What have you done to my garden, my son?”

Kriya Yoga: One Action for All Accomplishments

Mao replied with tears in his eyes, “I did my best to keep the plants and flowers green. I watered every branch and leaf and every flower stem, but all the plants still dried up. I touched and kissed all the flowers lovingly, but they still withered. I did everything I knew and they still faded away. I am sorry, mom; I could not save your plants and trees.”

Hearing this, his mother felt sad. She said, “My child, you don’t know how to keep a plant green and alive. You must water the roots to keep them alive, not the branches or leaves. The plants derive their nourishment from the roots.
Their life depends on the strength of the roots.”

The plant of life can be kept green by watering its roots, its hidden source of strength and nourishment. It is wiser to water the roots of a tree to keep it green than to sprinkle water on countless leaves. It is far better to develop immunity than to invent medicines and medical appliances for all anticipated ailments. Similarly, it is impossible to know all future problems and be prepared to solve them. The real need is to develop knowledge to meet the multifarious demands of life.

Have you ever seen the myriad, tiny flames rising from the jets of a gas stove burner? Remove the burner and you will notice one big flame. On the bosom of the ocean play foam, bubbles, small and big waves. The bubbles seem to stand no chance against the height of the big waves. However, they stop being frightened by the waves when they realize that the power of the vast ocean that supports the height of the waves is also behind them.

All the forces that operate the universe, all the powers that operate and enliven the human body and mind derive their strength from the “power of all powers,” that is, life-energy and consciousness. If you learn how to control and tap that power advantageously, all the forces of nature will be at your command. The science of kriya yoga shows you how to realize and utilize that power to meet the unexpected needs and challenges of life.

Awaken the Superman Within …

Because of man’s defiance of cosmic constitution or nature’s code of conduct, human beings suffer physical deformities, mental agonies and spiritual paralysis. The practice of kriya yoga promises deliverance from these sufferings. The scriptures affirm loud and clear: The practice of pranayama and techniques such as kriya yoga free you from bodily disease and unlock limitless joy, an innate quality of the soul.

We hear so much about the problem of brain-drain, promising brains or bright citizens of a country going abroad in search of better job prospects and standard of living. They are not tempted to return to their native countries if they find joy, peace and prosperity elsewhere. Similarly, devotees enjoying and settled in spiritual joy look down upon bodily pleasures governed by transience and duality.

Lahiri Mahashay was highly exalted and a renowned kriya yogi. He was a lighthouse for spiritual voyagers drowning in doubt and despair. Thousands approached him from the nooks and corners of the country to seek his blessings and guidance on both material and spiritual matters. The great guru always recommended the practice of kriya, irrespective of the problem. He emphasized the practice of kriya yoga as it alone offers solutions to all our problems.

Pandit Rama Sharma Acharya, the founder of Gayatri

Parivar, Haridwar, wrote in his popular book, Gayatri Mahavigyan, about the benefits of practicing pranayama. He glorified the practice of pranayama in the following words:

Long life, good health, energy, mental alertness, enthusiasm, patience, intellectual acumen, magnetism are the sparks emanating from the sparkler of life-energy.

– Gayatri Mahavigyan