Nobody Can Afford to Be Unspiritual

All living beings are spiritual. Nobody can afford to be unspiritual as all beings are guided clearly or vaguely by the driving forces of their soul. Birds build nests to avoid

the pain of inclement weather and avoid being disturbed by others. Animals attack when they sense danger. Even plants (like the Mimosa) and trees react to pain. Although birds and beasts cannot change the laws of nature, they adapt or

adjust to them. Gifted with superior brain power, man tries to conquer nature. His whole life is devoted to the attainment of three goals: everlasting joy, everlasting life and everlasting consciousness.

Man wants to expand his physical and mental powers so that he can acquire, manage and utilize money and material resources. He works night and day for professional success so that he can accumulate wealth to meet his needs. However, all his efforts end in frustration when money, wealth and all material resources fail to protect him from the unbearable pain of old age, disease, decay and death. When he realizes its hollowness, he looks for something higher or better. Man appeals to God when doctors fail.

Man’s dreams of attaining everlasting life, everlasting joy and everlasting consciousness through material means

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are repeatedly shattered. Man tries multiple things to obtain

these dreams but everything proves deceptive. Man’s quest

for everlasting life, joy and consciousness in this world can be likened to a traveler’s search for water in a desert. The pleasure we get in the world is mere deception, a feeling of relief or satisfaction of the want.

I have heard a story about a man who used to wear a pair of shoes that pinched his feet terribly. In the evening, when he would take off his shoes, his feet bled profusely. He had deep wounds on his feet. When some of his friends asked him to throw away the shoes, the man refused. He told his friends that the shoes were the only source of joy in his life. Hearing this, his friends were completely confused and asked him to explain how shoes that pinched could be his only happiness.

The man narrated his woeful tale. He told them he had a wife and two children. His wife was a woman of loose character and eloped with his neighbor. His elder son left him and the younger one became addicted to wine and other intoxicants. The man had nothing to look forward to in his life. His shoes were his only possession, the only source of happiness he had.

The friends wanted to know how the shoes gave him joy. The man said that the shoes pinched and gave him unbearable pain during the day. When he took them off in the evening, he felt highly relieved. If he threw them away, nothing would be left to give him much-needed relief.

All the joys that human beings have in life are nothing more than a feeling of relief. They are a mere satisfaction of a want. We feel hungry and when the fire of hunger is satisfied by eating some food, we feel relief. What we call joy is mere relief; there is no lasting joy in this world. All the joys of this world are subject to the principle of diminishing

Nobody Can Afford to Be Unspiritual

marginal utility. The more you indulge, the lesser you feel inclined towards them.

Harassed by failure, pain, disease and death in his search for success, pleasure, health and life, man determines to transcend all limitations imposed on him by turning towards a supernatural power.

God’s one name, “Satchidananda or Sat-Chit-Ananda,” illustrates his and the soul’s core qualities. It means ever-existent, ever-conscious and ever-blissful. All living beings, be it birds, beasts, or men, are subconsciously guided to seek

this. Man’s search for his lost divine treasure will continue, transcending portals of endless incarnations, until this lost paradise is regained.

Everybody in the world wants to live forever, but no one wants a long life with unbearable pains and sorrows. That is why people commit suicide when confronted with unmanageable problems. They aspire for everlasting life with everlasting joy. However, even these rare gifts are useless, if man is unconscious or in a coma. Thus, people want everlasting consciousness or awareness to enjoy everlasting life iced with everlasting joy. Nothing except the soul can bestow these blessings. Thus, everyone is consciously or unconsciously spiritual and is looking for them.