Replace Meanness with Magnanimity through Kriya Yoga

Aballoon seller sold balloons in streets, marketplaces and fairs. Children loved him very much. Whenever there was a slump in his business, he would inflate a few balloons and leave them to fly high in the sky. When the children saw the balloons, they would gather around him to purchase balloons from him. This is how the balloon seller earned a

lot of money.

One day, a small child saw a white balloon flying high in the sky. He went to the balloon seller and asked him, “Can my black balloon too fly high in the air?”

The balloon seller replied, “Definitely. It can fly for it is not the color of the balloon but the helium inside that makes it fly high in the air.”

He took the child’s balloon and pumped helium into it to make it fly. The child was overjoyed to see his balloon flying high.

Nelson Mandela enjoys more popularity than many fair-skinned American leaders. Mother Teresa and Princess
Diana are diametrically opposite in their appearances but

Replace Meanness with Magnanimity through Kriya Yoga

enjoy a similar popularity index. It’s not the color of skin that determines our height in life. All persons are made of the same flesh and bones, but their personalities differ vastly. What matters is what we have inside rather than what we have outside. It’s the helium of the right attitude, behavior and skills that takes us high in life.

Personality is like water; it does not have any color or shape. It’s our attitude and our thinking that give it shape and color. In the journey of life, our altitude is directly proportional to our attitude. Change the attitude and both perception and

performance will either take an upward or a downward swing.

When Arjun, the representative of mankind, expresses his reluctance to fight the battle of righteousness, Lord Krishna, an ideal mentor strongly suggests one thing “Leave the weakness of the human heart and stand up to fight.”

The foibles of the human heart or mind act as hedges and enclose our natural growth. Without removing them, one cannot expect to have magnanimity, which is crucial for the beauty of inner self to bloom and benefit self and society. The characteristics that contract and expand the human heart are discussed below.

An acquaintance of mine was addicted to wine and non-vegetarian food. He wanted to change his ways but found it nearly impossible to resist temptation. Whenever he sought initiation into a spiritual life, the gurus asked him to first quit these bad habits. As he aged, he grew more worried about his inability to leave his old ways and adopt a new spiritual life. Once, he discussed this problem with me and asked me to help him overcome the spiritual crisis in his life.

I asked him if he had ever seen an infant sucking its thumb. He replied that he had. Whenever a mother takes out the thumb, the baby starts crying and puts the thumb back

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in its mouth, but when the mother offers it a milk bottle, the baby forgets everything around and is lost in drinking milk. The baby cannot stop putting its thumb in the mouth until it gets something better to engage in. The sucking of the thumb gives the baby only a false sense of pleasure, a false sense of drinking milk. He won’t be able stop until he gets something better.

I suggested a few yogic techniques and asked my friend to practice these for forty days in the morning and evening. Within just twenty days, he got glimpses of the inner milk of joy which was far better than the pleasure of wine and meat. Moreover, he developed willpower, strong enough to resist temptation.

Most ignorant gurus emphasize the don’ts rather than the

dos. It is a distinguishing feature of my kriya yoga master, Per H. Wibe, that he never asked novitiates to follow a moral code of conduct. He said, “Kriya will uncover good qualities and bad tastes will be swept away.” Renunciation is an upgradation of habits. When it happens naturally, it is pleasing. It is painful and hypocritical when forced on man.

Anger, arrogance, ignorance, indolence, fear, envy, jealousy, grief, malignant moods, pessimism, depression, nervousness, negativity and mental weakness of any sort do not belong to us. These are acquired and not innate qualities of the soul. Soul qualities and satanic qualities, divine qualities and demonic qualities cannot live together, like light and

darkness. As the accumulated darkness of years disappears

when the light streams in, these negative traits vanish forever when the soul’s light and power unfolds in the human heart through kriya yoga.

When the king of Kaushal heard of Lord Buddha’s enlightenment and growing popularity, he went to see him

Replace Meanness with Magnanimity through Kriya Yoga

and discuss spiritual matters. He asked Lord Buddha, “What have you gained after your years of meditation? Don’t you think you have wasted your valuable time for nothing?”

Buddha said, “Truly, I have not gained anything; instead, I have lost a lot.”

Hearing this, the king was perplexed.

Buddha added calmly, “O king! I have lost anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death and much more.”

Kriya yoga meditation is the process of dropping the dross of negative mental traits, losing what does not belong to our innate divinity and manifesting the natural divine traits of magnanimity, compassion, purity of heart, patience, truthfulness, benevolence, sense of service and the absence of hatred, arrogance and impersonal love.