The Basket of Kriya Yoga Blessings

It's only those who practice meditations know the nutritional value of Kriya Yoga Meditation (KYM) for the mind and soul. Though it's very difficult to document all health benefits of meditation here, a few are quoted here to provide inspiration, a food for thoughts.
The regular practice of Kriya Yoga Meditation (KYM) bestows following blessings:

  • Medical reports suggest that the positive emotions and peace of mind (born of sound sleep or meditation) send body a message of life–affirmation (love for life and happiness) whereas negative emotions like fear, depression and unresolved conflicts send killing or life-negating messages. KYM unclutters your mind and keeps negativity and pessimism at bay which if allowed to persist over a period of time can impair immune system leaving a body and mind vulnerable to various diseases.
  • KYM normalizes and stabilizes blood-pressure, pulse- rate, the early messengers of the heart strokes and paralysis.
  • KYM boosts immune system and keeps body fortified against all physical and mental ailments.
  • KYM transforms brain-wave patterns, increases calmness and reduces bodily and mental restlessness and excitability
  • KYM eliminates toxins of the body, reduces anxiety, stress and mental distractions.
  • KYM suspends aging process by reducing wear and tear of body cells, by keeping distant the negative mental states, the archenemy of youth and happiness.
  • Today, thousands of people all over the world practice KYM to improve their learning ability and Intelligence Quotient, to stay positive and perform better at workplace and to improve their mental sharpness and adaptive skills.
  • Regular practice of KYM not only adds years to your life but life to your years.
  • In short, those who practice KYM regularly stay physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally satisfied. (Quoted from Awaken The Superman Within)