The Pearls of Kriya Yoga

Having been initiated into the science of kriya yoga by my respectable master Per H. Wibe, I practiced it regularly, brushing aside all the doubts that generally assail the mind of spiritual novices. A year’s sincere practice started yielding spiritual rewards in terms of deeper peace, inner silence, increased creativity and clarity, self-control, better decision-making, adherence to righteousness, love for God and a new way of looking at things. The points I have jotted down below are the exclamations of my heart about the practical utility and efficacy of kriya yoga. My master was very pleased when he read the report of my personal meditative experiences. I titled the report “The Return Gift of Fragrance to One Who

Gifted Me the Bouquet of Kriya Yoga.”

The practice of kriya yoga blesses devotees with two unique gifts: blissful peace and addiction, that is, the strong desire to again enter that joyful state.

If there is any yoga that truly relaxes the body, mind, muscles and nerves, it is kriya yoga; the others are only poor imitations of kriya yoga.

If there is a spiritual or yogic technique that irresistibly attracts your mind to practice again, to enjoy blissful peace, it is kriya yoga.

The Pearls of Kriya Yoga

When I practice kriya yoga meditation, I am like a bee, lost in enjoying the divine honey collected from the seven divine flowers (chakras) on the trunk of the spine. Study all Vedas, Upanishads, all schools of eastern and western philosophy, and all scriptures of East and West, and you will never come across any technique more powerful for spiritual growth than kriya yoga.

Perhaps nothing is more addictive in the entire spectrum of spirituality as kriya yoga.

If you take the kriya route to the infinite, you enjoy both the journey and the destination.

If spirituality is a mystery, unravel or solve it using the kriya key.

Apply the reverse gear of kriya yoga (that is, withdraw life-energy from the body, mind and senses for an inner journey), and you will soon land in the blissful lap of God.

By relaxing our bodily functions, tranquilizing and interiorizing our mind, kriya prepares a perfect state of body and mind for the inner journey or self-realization.

With the kriya key, I can meditate or sleep at will.

Meditation had been a mere dream for me for years. Any

steps I took were never successful. The kriya technique has made meditation a reality for me.

The multicolored clouds of light floating in my inner space during meditation give me glimpses of a world thus far unknown.

The beautiful play of light, assuming various shapes and colors, especially the sudden appearance of a glimmer or the formation of a blue circle surrounded by a bright yellow light at the point between the eyebrows, gives me a deep sense of satisfaction.

Awaken the Superman Within …

Practice of just 12 kriyas puts you ahead of a spiritual aspirant who has been trying to meditate for years. Practice to get the real proof of this statement.

Even the first kriya initiation is powerful and effective enough for complete spiritual enlightenment.