The Secret to Being a Superman

Man is born to challenge all limitations but he suffers cocooned in his self-created ignorance and indolence.

– Vijay “Krishna”

Since I started teaching, it has been my students’ favorite pastime  to  engage  me  in  metaphysical  discussions, especially when they are tired of dry intellectual discussions and the mundane transactions of an academic curriculum. Efforts to hide my spiritual treasure have failed and my academic teaching was interspersed with verses from the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita and the profound teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Even today, I remember the eyes of my beloved students gleaming with anticipation and inquisitiveness when I proposed sharing with them “the secret to being a superman” and that too in a mathematical formula of one line. What I am going to share with you in the next few lines is an elaboration of what I laconically shared with the country’s “blooming leaders of tomorrow.” It will open new vistas of your mind and show you the treasure hidden

within you.

One day, an English teacher asked his students to write an essay on “a great man born in your city.” Some

The Secret to Being a Superman

students wrote about great political leaders hailing from their city, while others wrote about freedom fighters and social reformers. Some wrote about their fathers or mothers whom they considered their role models.

Only one student attempted the question differently. He summed up his essay in one line: “Children and not great men are born.” At first, the teacher did not understand what the student had written but when he thought deeply about it, he was very pleased and awarded full marks for an exceptional answer.

It’s true: all of us are born as children but some of us become great through our deeds. When a child born in a royal family renounces his privileges and works for his spiritual growth, he becomes Lord Buddha. He left behind what he inherited from his father to seek enlightenment and inspire millions through his own example. He was born a child and a prince, but he became the Light of Asia through his own effort and hard work. The door to greatness opens for those who knock constantly.

Success is predominantly a subjective phenomenon, that is, it originates within and manifests materially outside. Beautiful buildings, bridges, artifacts, architectural specimens and other man-made objects are created twice. They are first mentally conceived and then materially created.

It is your attitude, the utilization of God-given powers that decide your altitude in life. This book endeavors only to help you identify the hidden potential of your body, mind and soul. Man’s personality has three dimensions; if all three dimensions
are well-evolved and harmoniously synchronized, man can represent God on earth. If men can harmoniously develop physiological, psychological and spiritual powers, they can touch desired heights of success, satisfaction and happiness. A man should ever endeavor to develop his physical potential

Awaken the Superman Within …

like that of an athlete or a soldier, his intellectual powers like that of a scientist and his spiritual powers like that of a saint.

When the powers of the body, mind and soul flower and fuse together, they deliver a superman. The mathematical formulae of the same would be:

Athletic build + scientific temperament + evolved spiritual powers = superman

Undoubtedly, this concept of superman is an ideal state for any worldly success, but I will elevate its definition to align it with my higher concept of superman.

Lord Krishna is said to be the lord of the yoga (Yogeshwara) and he represents the supreme personality of godhead. The word “Krishna” is used both as a proper noun and a common noun. “Krishna” is the name of Madhav or Mohan or Devaki Nandan or Vasudeva’s son. However, very few people are aware that “Krishna,” like “Christ,” is a spiritual title that can be used by any man who can expand his consciousness to feel every sensation in the universe as if it was taking place in his body. Krishna as a title signifies the highest spiritual development in man. In spiritual jargon, it is known as “kutashta chaitanya,” that is, chaitanya or consciousness that is immanent in the whole universe.

I have heard a story that better illustrates the state and

meaning of “kutashta chaitanya,” that is, Krishna or Christ consciousness.

Once, there was a farmer. He worked throughout the day on his farm and spent his nights guarding his crops from animals. One day, a saint passed by his field. The farmer greeted the saint humbly and offered him some fruits to eat. While leaving, the saint advised him to chant the name of Krishna for his spiritual growth. The farmer expressed his inability to do so as he was busy night

The Secret to Being a Superman

and day. The saint said, “However busy you are, you do spend some time on morning ablutions. Why don’t you chant God’s name then?” The farmer agreed. One day, an angel devoted to the service of Lord Krishna saw the

farmer chanting the holy name of God in a highly unholy and impure state. He angrily kicked the man on his back.

In the evening, when the angel went to serve Krishna, the Lord complained of acute back pain and asked the angel to gently massage him on the back to ease the pain. When the angel saw that Krishna’s back was black and blue and bore the imprint of a foot, he lost his self-control and asked Krishna to reveal the name of the foolish fellow who had dared kick his Lord.

Although Krishna initially kept mum, when the angel

asked him repeatedly, he told him that it was he (the angel) who had kicked him this morning. Hearing this, the angel was completely confused. Guilt-ridden and with tears in his eyes, he asked Krishna how he could have done that.

Lord Krishna said, “You kicked my devotee who was chanting my name and was completely lost in my memory. I felt the pain of the kick you aimed at his back.”

We feel the sensations of our own body but God who is immanent in all creation feels the sensations, pleasures and pains of all.

Even before the creation of the universe, God existed as infinite bliss, consciousness and energy undisturbed like a calm ocean in a blissful void. This state of God is referred to as Parabrahma or cosmic consciousness by the Vedas and Upanishads.

When God creates the universe and pervades his consciousness in it, he is called Apara Brahma Ishawar or

Awaken the Superman Within …

“kutashta chaitanya” or Krishna consciousness. When the

consciousness or soul descends a step further to become the indwelling soul, it’s known as “superconsciousness.” When it identifies itself with the body and accepts all its limitations, it becomes mortal consciousness.

Those who live in mortal consciousness are confined only by three states of consciousness, that is, waking, dreaming and dreamless, deep slumber. Very few fortunate ones, who meditate regularly and deeply, can enjoy a state of superconsciousness, the pure and native state of the soul and the treasury of all divine powers and attributes.

Although all living beings are gifted with the divine

privilege to elevate and expand their consciousness and merge it with “kutashta chaitanya,” Krishna or Christ consciousness, yet it is only man, endowed with discrimination, willpower and knowledge of yogic techniques like kriya yoga that can achieve this.

The regular practice of kriya yoga helps us ascend the higher states of consciousness and realize our divinity which we have lost as human beings. Gradually, it helps us attain superconsciousness, Krishna consciousness and then cosmic consciousness.

Many may argue that an ordinary, mortal man cannot be like Lord Krishna. For them, I quote here a few verses from the Bhagavada Gita, wherein Lord Krishna announces that “He” is the divine soul among all living beings.

I am soul, O Arjuna, dwelling in the hearts of all creatures. I am the beginning, the middle or the continuation and the end of all beings.

– Bhagavad Gita X: 20

The Secret to Being a Superman

He (God or Krishna) is the source of light in all luminous objects. He is beyond the darkness of matter. Knowledge itself, that which is to be known, the goal of all knowledge. He is seated in hearts of all.

– Bhagavad Gita XIII: 17

The living soul of all beings in this world is an eternal part of my (God or Krishna) being. It attracts to itself the six senses including the mind which rests in prakriti or nature.

– Bhagavad Gita XV: 7

If you don’t believe in the powers of your soul, believe in Krishna within you and unravel his infinite powers in you.

At least, do not crucify Krishna within you through wrong inclinations, actions and ignorance.

The vision that I share with my readers here is not mere speculation, ideology, or abstract philosophy but the glimpse of the infinite potential of man.

These truths have been testified to repeatedly, by the yogis in India. Those who know about great kriya yogis like Lahiri Mahashaya, Swami Pranabanada, Swami Yukteshwar and Paramahansa Yogananda, to name a few, will appreciate and acknowledge what I say with great reverence. I declare with 100 per cent conviction born out of my devoted practice of kriya yoga that those who practice it will have similar experiences.

The regular and devoted practice of kriya yoga not only unveils the full potential of the human soul but makes it a part of the infinite consciousness. When a man reaches this spiritual state, he acquires powers like God. Just like we feel

Awaken the Superman Within …

sensations in any part of our body, those who reach Krishna consciousness find that the whole cosmos becomes their body and they feel changes that happen in any part of the universe. Those who acquire this spiritual height become true and everlasting supermen like Lord Krishna, whom I love and worship as my divine father.

The Bhagavad Gita of Lord Krishna shows the roadmap

to this destination and kriya yoga is the quickest conveyance to pilot you there.