Unlock the Infinite Potential of the Mind through Kriya Yoga

 The  limitlessly vast universe, the galaxies, the planets, scintillating stars, the skyscraping mountains, oceans, rivers, the infinite variety of flora and fauna are nothing but  the  materialization  of  the  cosmic  mind’s  creativity. Breathtaking  buildings,  artifacts,  architectural  specimens, gigantic machines and wonderful books are the products of the fertile human mind. Our little, finite mind is the spark of the infinite mind. It’s gifted with the same productivity and

power as the infinite mind. That is why great thinkers like Napoleon Hill used to say: “Human mind can achieve what it can conceive.”
Unfortunately, many of our faculties remain unproductive owing to lack of use. Western psychologists have observed and studied the mysteries of the human mind and their discoveries have been documented in numerous books. Most highlight the powers of the subconscious mind. Indian saints, seers and yogis, however, recommend drawing on the powers of the superconscious mind, by bypassing the subconscious mind.
The human mind is fragmented into three parts by a semi-permeable screen. Psychologists divide it into three parts to demonstrate various states and functions.
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The activities of our waking hours are controlled and guided predominantly by the conscious mind. It undoubtedly depends on the power of the subconscious mind to draw on information stored there. The superconscious mind is pure consciousness and energy and enlivens and activates both the conscious and the subconscious. Whenever we sleep, our subconscious mind becomes active. All impressions or mental blueprints of actions done during the day sink to a deeper level to form a repository of information and memory. Whenever the information is played on the screen of our mind and is powered by life-energy, we see pictures like a movie screen. The deepest layer of the mind is known as the superconscious mind. For practical purposes and descriptions, it is termed as mind, but it is really the territory of pure consciousness. It is the land of beauty, bliss and wisdom. Very few know how to access it. One needs training, techniques and regular practice of meditation to tap into the powers of the superconscious mind.
The mind can be compared to a king’s army. The conscious mind is like a troop fighting at the front and the subconscious mind is a supporting troop, standing behind and observing, recording the movements and meeting the needs of the troop fighting in front. The superconscious mind is the king himself, the commander-in-chief, the manager, coordinator and the director of both.
When a well is dug up, the diggers come across three levels: the hard soil, the muddy soil and pure water. The conscious mind is like hard soil, the subconscious mind like muddy soil and the superconscious mind like pure water.
The subconscious mind is automatic mind. It is like auto-pilot. Once fed with facts or data, right or wrong, it will land the man there. The boons of the subconscious mind, therefore, end in banes. It is blind and does not discriminate
Unlock the Infinite Potential of the Mind through Kriya Yoga
between right and wrong. It absorbs good and evil impressions and tendencies like a blotting paper and brings them to the surface, unsolicited.
Man will use up hundreds and thousands of lives if he plans to weed out evil tendencies lodged in the subconscious mind by using the pickaxe of auto-suggestions and positive affirmations. The conscious mind is a weak puppet in the hands of the subconscious mind. The powers of the subconscious mind can be advantageously used in man’s favor when one controls it from the seat of the superconscious. The practice of kriya yoga meditation helps access and settle into the superconscious mind.
Look at the pictures of Indian gods and goddesses, saints and seers, angels and extraordinary yogis; their slightly closed and upturned eyes denote their union with the soul or the superconscious mind. The lowered eyes of a sleepy man denote his connections with the subconscious mind and the waking man’s straight and open eyes denote his relation with the conscious mind.
In the human body, the mind is the manager and life-energy is the builder. Through life-energy, which works under the guidance of the mind, man can heal any disease or bring about any change in his or others’ bodies if learns to control and integrate the fragmented minds. Those who practice reiki direct universal life-energy towards the patient to cure them of all diseases. The practice of kriya yoga confers mastery over both mind and energy.
The practice of kriya yoga also develops the power of concentration. The focused mind gains tremendous power like the rays of the sun concentrated at a point by a magnifying glass. When the rays of ordinary light are focused, they become laser lights and gain the power to penetrate
Awaken the Superman Within …
and cut iron sheets. Inspired speakers, authors and scientists have a highly focused mind. They churn out unknown truths and scientific facts and seek answers to their queries by constantly stirring up the subconscious and superconscious minds through their queries. Great truths then come to the surface of the conscious mind. The powers of hypnotism and mesmerism are offshoots of a focused mind.