What is kriya yoga?

 Kriya yoga is the greatest gift of Lord Krishna to the modern man and mankind in general. Surrounded by family, social and political responsibilities throughout his life, he surmounted all obstacles on his way of spiritual evolution and infused new hope in the heart of the hopeless Man. He initiated mankind in the Holy Science of Kriya Yoga through Arjuna from the battlefield of Kuruksetra, the symbolic of    human heart caught in constant conflict of inferior and superior tendencies, worldly and spiritual inclinations which overpower man and deprive him of his all-satisfying spiritual glory.

Kriya Yoga also known as Raja Yoga was practiced by the royal sages or spiritually inclined kings of the ancient India. Overburdened with stately duties, they never neglected the highest duties of human life i.e. spiritual evolution. Their lives too were invaded by many challenges but they never gave in to stress and anxiety and drifted to changing mental states like pleasure and pain, excitement and boredom as they were securely anchored in Divine, the blissful God.  Even today, the life style diseases like hypertension, anxiety, stress and nervous breakdown, bodily debility, emotional instability and mental distractions kneel down before kriya yogi like the subjects before the Almighty emperor. Kriya Yoga strengthens you from within and fortifies you against negative influences. It flowers health happiness, deep sense of satisfaction, strong will power, firm determination, resilience and immense mental and spiritual powers.

Invented by Lord Krishna, Kriya yoga was re-introduced by Mahavatar Babaji and its immense spiritual possibilities were exemplified by Lahiri Mahasaya, one of the greatest house-holder yogi of modern India. It is the most suitable meditation technique for Modern Man who is over-burdened with personal, professional and social responsibilities and cannot afford to find the seclusion and silence of deep forests and high Himalayas. One need not leave one's home and

look for these because the practice of Kriya Yoga settles you in the deep cave of your spine and spiritual eye, resistant to all disturbances. When three rivers of Raja, Hatha, and Laya yoga merge together, they form the confluence of Kriya Yoga.  Mudra, meditation, pranayama and postures are the building blocks of Kriya Yoga. The widely known mudras, postures and pranayama techniques of Hatha yoga and meditation techniques of Raja Yoga acquire entirely new dimension, meaning and practice when the light of Kriya Yoga falls on them. All the yogic techniques minus Kriya Yoga are a bundle of bones. They acquire flesh, beauty and turn alive when supplemented by the true teachings of Kriya Yoga, the supreme science of Self-Realization.

With the practice of Kriya Yoga, the darkness of depression, despondence, and hopelessness recedes and the light of new hope, happiness and positivity streams in. The spiritual light frees you from the clutches of self- destructive attitudes and habits. With the regular practice of the Kriya Yoga, you become the architect of your destiny.

Thus, Kriya Yoga keeps man immune from karmic and negative planetary influences and shelters him in Divine Lap that protects and projects hidden spiritual light to him.